Aesthetic Smile Design

What would you like to change on your smiles?
· Broken teeth
· Separated teeth
· Discoloured teeth
· Deformed teeth
· You don’t want an orthodontic treatment?

· You will get an aesthetic smile without pain.
· It is temporary but durable.
· It is a dental cosmetic product.
· You can insert and remove it every time you want to by yourself.
· You can easily eat and drink

How to prepare it?

The dentist is making an impression of your teeth. This procedure is totally painless. After 3 weeks you will get an aesthetic smile.
Lumineers is a treatment, whereby your already beautiful, healthy, natural and permanent smile is revealing. With the patented Lumineers technique you can get the teeth you want without grinding them as done by traditional crown treatment.
Therefor you need to visit the dentist twice. During the first visit the dentist will make an impression of your teeth. During the second visit the dentist will control if the Lumineers do fit to the teeth and if the colour is as wished. After these procedures the dentist will place them painless on your teeth.
The Lumineers treatment is a quick and painless treatment.
Lumineers have a very thin structure and there is no grinding of the tooth surface, therefor you can always return to your old teeth again.