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After Hair Transplantation

The period after hair transplantation is very important. The next day after treatment the special dressing applied to the donor and the recipient areas should be removed. The skin in the both areas should be cleaned and blood circulation should be checked. One day later the patient visits the clinic again for learning how to shampoo the donor and recipient sites. After shampooing the hair for 15 days scabs will be cleaned completely and the patient will be able to treat the hair according to his habits.

During the first ten days, virtually all of the transplanted hairs will fall out and it will continue for one and a half month. The reason for this is that traumatized by their relocation roots need time to heal inside the skin while the outside parts of follicles die, which is expectable. In some cases though transplanted hairs do not fall out, which is also normal.

New hair will begin to grow approximately 100 days after the transplantation. All hair do not start to grow at the same time but some need 3 months, others 5 and even 12 months. In general the patient’s hair will start grow normally within one and a half year. With the help of professional surgery the transplanted hair will grow and look naturally unless the patient gets into an extraordinary situation.


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