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Bleaching is a cosmetic solution in which organic and inorganic coloured substances on a dentine structure of teeth surface are removed by bleaching gels. In that process, a specially prepared gel is applied onto the teeth; and the reaction is accelerated by a light source or laser. The mechanism of bleaching process is the oxidation-reduction reaction. The substances that are used in the process reveal and expose the oxygen. The substances causing pigmentation on the teeth are replaced by the colourless substances; and as a result bleaching process occurs.

There are two kinds of pigmentation on teeth:

Internal pigmentation: Stains that penetrate into teeth and cannot be removed by brushing. Colouring drinks such as cigarettes, tea, and coffee cause not only external pigmentation but also internal pigmentation. Structural defects appearing in the process of odontogenesis (depending on medicines or high flour intake) also fall into this category. The process of bleaching is very successful at majority of such cases.

External pigmentation: It is a pigmentation cleaving into the surface of teeth because of colouring substances such as cigarettes, tea, coffee, coke, etc. Mostly, it is possible to get rid of these stains while and after dental scaling process.
Different pigmentations may require different treatments. For that reason, it is the best solution that your dentist will decide what kind of a treatment should be applied.

Points to take into account in the process of bleaching

After applying protection for peripheral tissues such as gingiva, tongue and lips; bleaching treatment starts. Properly adjustment of the medicine dose and its exposure time (bleaching gels involves carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide in different measures) is essential.
During or after the process of bleaching, patients may have a complaint of sensitivity but that sensitivity will disappear in 1-3 days. Smooth performance of the steps required for application of the treatment is of utmost importance. If it is performed by dentists, bleaching operation is a very effective and harmless method.

Internal Bleaching

It is applied on the non-vital teeth. It is a method used in the treatment of teeth that are previously exposed to a trauma or to pigmentation after a root canal therapy. After providing enough whiteness by putting hydrogen peroxide gel on to the pulp of teeth previously cured by root canal therapy, and changing that gel periodically; the process is put an end.

External Bleaching

External bleaching is applied by the activation of the decolourant by using either a source of light or laser depending on the system in which decolourant is used by the dentist. Sessions last about 30-45 minutes in bleaching operated by normal light equipment; and the result can be immediately observed. When the right patient selected, bleaching treatments applied by laser give more immediate results. Duration of the treatment depends on the dentist applying the treatment or whiteness level demanded by the patient as long as it does not cause any damage to the teeth. It is applied every two days for 3 sessions.
Bleaching has no whitening effect on the dental fillings and crowns. For that reason, sometimes they need to be renewed according to the acquired tooth colour. Bleaching may lose its effects over time particularly dependent on the habits of the patient. Therefore, in some circumstances it may be necessary to renew it periodically.

That process is very easy to apply for a patient and dentist and there is no complication in the long term. So, instead of hiding our smile it is our right to show a bright smile gained by such an easy operation.

You can get a free consultation with our expert

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