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Celebrities Who Have Had Hair Transplants

A hair transplant is an operation that everyone is looking for, celebrities like actors, singers, dancers are interested too to the hair transplant .

As we know, a celebrity is appearing in mainstream media , they are everytime following by paparazzi , sometimes, they must acting a role of a young person, that is why can be the main reason to subject to a hair transplant . Any way , they are just like any other man who would like to remedy their balding conditions .

The most celebrities prefer the DHI transplantation , because it is making without shaving and do not leave marks on the head.

The healing period is very fast due to the DHI technique , this last allows celebrities to achieve their imaje without breaking their daily Schedule. This method can be a big advantage for women .

And with other method FUE Hair Transplant. The Sapphire blade developped in the FUE technique provides new advantages, few marks and a fast healing time, the grafts will be efficient .

Some of the celebrities prefer the Sapphire in FUE Hair Transplantation technique.

If you are thinking about a hair transplant , and you hesitate , the changes of our celebrities can inspire you.

John Travolta’s Hair Transplant | 2011 and 2014

Jude Law’s Hair Transplant | 2013 and 2014

James Nesbitt Hair Transplant | 2005 and 2013

Kevin Costner’s Hair Transplant | 2003 and 2014

Jon Cryer’s Hair Transplant | July 2013 and August 2013

Jeremy Piven’s Hair Transplant | 1995 and 2014

Hugh Laurie’s Hair Transplant | 2011 and 2014

Kyran Bracken’s Hair Transplant | 2003 and 2013

Jason Gardiner’s Hair Transplant | 2009 and 2012

Jamie Foxx’s Hair Transplant | 2013 and 2014

You can get a free consultation with our expert

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