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DHI Hair Transplant

DHI ( Direct hair implant ) is a hair transplantation method , it is a new alternative for the ones who want a hair transplantation.

With DHI Hair Transplant technique it is possible to access the surgery without a haircut.

With DHI hair transplantation the taken greffs are injected in the scalp with a needle pen . It is not necessary to open an incision that is why The FUE technique is different , without haircut the transplantation can be done .Therefore , it is more faster to adapt to normal life.

The taken hair follicles are implanted in the scalp with 40-45 angle to take a direction for looking natural. as we know with DHI method the surgery can be done without a haircut , the expert must be very careful to not touch the other follicles of the hair because follicles are very sensitive.

The expert is winning the hair transplantation with this DHI Hair Transplant method , concerning to the others ways of transplantation , this last makes a big different for the hair to look more natural and productivity.

The main advantages of the DHI Hair Transplant
– The hair transplantation surgery can be done without a haircut .
– The hair is minimized outside , it gives more healthier results .
– The survival of the follicles are higher because of the direct tansplantation.
– Because of the canals are not open , The incision area is very small and there is no bleeding.
-After a short time, İt is more faster to get better after the surgery and go back to normal life and routin .

The DHI method is not like the other methods because the hair follicles are removed from the napes that is why the hair always comes out .

Approximately 2 months , The hair that has undergone to the surgery starts to fall , after the 2 months new natural healthy follicles start to come out. It takes a duration of 5 to 12 months to see the final result.

Este prime as a clinic, with our professional staff and experts and with our experinces in this domain we give the best service and guarantee with our DHI hair transplantation. İf you have any questions you can contact us .

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You can get a free consultation with our expert

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