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Fill Light

Especially in light of the problems of filling to eliminate under-eye bruise and filler material produced. Provides for the restructuring of the skin. Subsidence is filled with light padding. Used to fill in wrinkles around the eyes.

Light padding increases the quality of the skin. Skin rejuvenation treatment that supports a good filler. (anti aging) Filling volume loss around the eyes, the skin moisturized and repair are also provided. Problems around the eyes is one of every two people. Just about everybody is different from the causes of the causes.

With aging, bone structure around the eye area get thinner. This thinning occurs depending on the gaps and shadows. Loss of elasticity and begins to form collapses. Light will be enough to fill the surgical procedure that does not require the application of detention problems, the surgery is performed. Persistence of between 1-1.5 years. Operation is performed with a special syringe. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in our bodies. Eye to restructure our environment with light padding, made ​​of hyaluronic acid supplementation.

You can get a free consultation with our expert

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