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Fue Hair Transplant

It is now possible to reach the wanted image hair ! with FUE hair transplantation, your dream will be true .

Fue hair transplantation has become the most efficient and popular method, the hair follicles are taken from the back area of the head and implanted in the selected place in the front , the hair taken in the back is very strong , never fall.

FUE hair transplantation is very high and at the same time healthy with the advanced clinical technologies and expertises.

The method of FUE is used with the person’s own hair , and in the bald area a natural and healthy hair comes out after . This method does not leave marks on the head and it is very easy to be recovered after the surgery.

Hair tansplantation is suitable for the persons between 20-60 years old , but it is recommended after 30s . Concerning the persons of 20s , the hair has an imbalance and the hair can spill down , these persons can see it after 3-4 years after the surgery .

The transplanted hair will be spilling during the first 3 months, after this period , new healthy follicles will come out .

The implanted hair will be saw between 6 to 12 months . İn one year all the follicules will come out successfully and prolonged.the coming out new hair is very healthy and will not fall again except for the Chemotherapy.

FUE hair tansplantation can be suitable for men and women both.

When there will be a hair transplantation surgery , the experts and their staff are the main condition for having this surgery.

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You can get a free consultation with our expert

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