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FUE vs DHI Hair Transplant

Hair loss or baldness can make you loose self-confident in yourself and feel uncomfortable, this make you thinking to try every solution to prevent it. The results of these blind decisions vary from non-natural looking and low vitality of the hair, to irreversible damage to the donor area.

That is why , the person must take the right decision and find the right method of the hair transplanting, concerning this last, there are 2 methods that can eliminate the virus of hair loss and a new beginning of a new life, as following.

DHI Hair Transplant (Direct Hair Implant)
DHI Hair Transplantion or DHI, is known as the most popular technique in the hair transplantation, the hair follicles are extracted from the donor area ( nape of the head) and transplanted into the recipient area ( the bald area), by using a very fine micro-motor with a diameterof 0,7mm, the hair follicles are implanted with an attention of the depth, direction, angle of each hair follicle for a more natural looking .

The main keys of DHI
– DHI is the most advanced and used technique invented by the DHI medical group.
– Performed after hair evaluation tests.
– This method is taught in public universities in Europe.

The advantages of the DHI technique
– Results are 100% natural.
– Healing time is short after the surgery.
– No Marks left or incisions.
– Painless procedure.
– Hair follicles have more chance to stay in life.
– Performed by DHI certified by MD doctors using single-use instrument.

FUE Hair Transplant ( Follicular Unit Extraction )
The FUE is considered as another technique used by the surgeons and experts all over the world.With this method, experts and surgeons make an extraction of a unit or quantity of hair follicles using an instrument which is called Punch. This last takes off the hair follicles and leaves holes in the donor area which will be healed after some time , these holes heal faster than in Follicular unit Transplantation technique FUT, we can also call FUE a micro-FUT procedure.

The main keys of the FUE technique
– It is known by the most traditional method of the hair transplanting.
– The number of experts is very high.

The advantages of the FUE technique
– For some conditions , FUE is the most suitable technique
– FUE does not leave deep incisions
– The DHI surgery is done in short time , For about 6 hours
– FUE results are better than the FUT

The final decision
DHI technique is really the most used and advanced technique until now, some people think that this technique , but it is not like this, The survival rate of the follicles in FUE is 80% , but concerning the DHI , is 90%.

FUE method is widely used , concerning the DHI , it is a new method but developped and proven. According to the informations we have written you can decide, but a best result the decision should be made according to your hair and head structure .To make the right decision you must take advices from a hair transplant specialist .

Thousands of people from over the world have been profiting from it. So, what about you ? What are you waiting for ?

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You can get a free consultation with our expert

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