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Beard Transplant

With the Beard and Mustache Transplant, you can get your wished image…

The beard, mustache transplant with the FUE and DHI Transplant techniques gives very successful results.

For those who do not have beard, due to a genetic, hormonal reasons , or for those who spend their beard due to health reasons beard transplant is a good option.

The rare and irregular beard for men as caused by hormonal reasons , but after the operation, you can reach a bushy and regular beard.

The beard transplantation process is like the hair transplantation, the follicles area taken from the back of the hear and implanting in the cheek.

There is no pain in the surgery because it will be performed by local anesthesia and you will not feel nothing before/ after the operation.

The area of the implantation will heal after 1 week and the area where the follicles are taken will heal after 15 days .

The beard will starts to develop within 6 months and gives a successful result in 12 months .

The beard, mustache transplantation does not have any inconvenients for the health . That is why, everyone between 20-60 years old can make a beard transplantation.

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