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Is Curly Hair Transplant Possible?

Curly Hair Transplant

The frequently asked question nowadays: Is Curly Hair Transplant possible?

Yes the curly hair transplant is also possible.

Hair transplantation, which started in the 1990s, developed every day. Curly hair transplantation can be done with common hair transplantation technique FUE and gives successful results.

Especially The FUE hair transplantation with the latest technology sapphire-tipped blades are more sensitive and with little marks, healing short time is performed in the hair and beard transplantation operations.

The duration of operation of the curly hair transplantation is a little bit more longer than the normal straight hair, curly hair lasts about 8 hours.

For the healing of the curly hair it takes 15 days , for seeing the final results, it takes approximately 8 months.

Before the operation , a local anesthesia is injected , no pain is felt

This surgery has been done in September 2018 for curly hair transplant .

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You can get a free consultation with our expert

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