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Is It Possible A Hair Transplant Without Shaving ?

Is it possible a hair transplant without shaving ?

This is the most common question between the persons .

So let’s answer : It is possible!

Many people take the decision to have a hair transplantion operation, but they hear that the head must be shaved , they change their decision, and they say that they feel uncomfortable with the shaving especially for women.

With time , the technology has been developped and our experts discover the ideal solution which is , having a hair transplate operation without shaving .

A hair transplant technique that only requires the donor area to be shaved for the extraction of the follicles, and this procedure can be done with the DHI method , which is a special pen made for the hair transplate, the follicles are taken and implanting in the donor area with this pen DHI Hair Transplant Method , it is the perfect solution for the small implanting areas and more easy and quick.

As there are many advantages of this procedure as ,the person can keep his original hair in the same style before and after the operation. Can also allow people to get back easily for work ( especially for women ). As the number of the grafts will be few , the time of recovering can be short. And finally the scabs formed in the donor area will not be visible.

You can get a free consultation with our expert

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