Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

With the new Sapphire FUE hair transplant technology , you can get your hair back easy and more strong.

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Aesthetic Surgery

With our expert staff of Este Prime , you can have the wishing body , face and breast aesthetic surgery.

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Dental Health

Have a hollywood smile and get back your self-confidence with our dental health clinic services.

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we work for happiness. we make aesthetic interventions that people will feel good about themselves

Full Packet Of Hair Transplant

You are a guest in Este Prime ,we are providing all services to make our guests feeling good . Our Team of experts , with our developped clinic facilities , we are pleased to serve you.

  • » 4000 - 6000 Grafts Hair Transplant
  • » Airport Transfer
  • » Hotel to Clinic / Clinic to Hotel Transfer
  • » 3 Days Hotel as Host
  • » Life time Guarantee
  • » Life time Medical Support

Factors Determining The Quality Of The Hair Transplantation Center

You are searching for a permanent solution for your hair problems, and as a result of your research, you may have decided that a hair transplantation is the most effective method. Yes, it is the right method that will give you the most accurate answer to your hair problems, and bring you again to the

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For A Successful Result Of A Hair Transplant 5 Important Factors

The hair transplant surgery becomes more popular than ever, and many informations we read about this procedure in both websites, written visual media actually cause the basic informations to be skipped . It is very important to understand the basic and important steps of a successful and correct hair transplant operation . Without damaging any

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