Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Sapphire is last hair transplant method.

Special edged knife made of sapphire the high results give to hair transplantation.

The sapphire blade does not leave a scar on the head, and recovery after hair transplantation is faster.

In normal FUE hair transplantation, the recovery period of the head and hair is 2 months on average, the recovery period of the sapphire fue hair transplant is 20 days.

You want get back your hair? Yes, this is possible

If you are thinking about hair extinction, you can opt for the latest hair transplant technology Sapphire FUE Hair Plantation method.

At Este Prime Clinic, we give you the results of hair transplantation under the best conditions. We are happy to serve you .

Este Prime, ins Istanbul TURKEY hair transplantation service that is an aesthetic clinic.