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What should be in consideration before/after the hair transplant?

Does a hair transplantation has harm for a person ?
Hair transplantation is a painless procedure, the person is injected with local anesthesia at the beginning of the operation, that allows the person to not feel any pain during the operation.

What are the steps of a hair transplantation operation ?
Firstly, when our client come to the hospital, certain test are performed in addition to a blood test.

If there is no condition that will affect the operation, the person is taking to be shaved, to appropriate and the donor area is determined and clear. The lines of the hair are drawed by the expert, and the local anesthesia starts and applied to the donor area where the hair will be extracted. After that, the process of opening the channels one by one , and this is the important procedure in the hair transplantation that can make the operation successful , after the follicles taken from the donor area are implanting in the opening channels.

Hair Transplant for women can be possible?
Yes, we can do a hair transplant operation for women too, for the ones who have a spilling hair like men or another conditions of spilling, we recommend direct planting. But if it is a condition that can be treated by a treatment, as the mesotherapy and the prp treatment.

What should people pay attention for in the hair transplantation ?
The Person who use alcohol or medicines should stop them one week before if he wants to make a hair transplantation, after the operation, should not take the alcohol at least 5 days due to the use of the antibiotics.

We are showing the appropriate washing for the transplanted head for 10 days , and no Sauna for 1 month, bath, pool, staying away from the sun, and it is required to not use a razor in the planting area for at least 6 months .

You can get a free consultation with our expert

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