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When Should I Have The Hair Transplant Operation?

There is no particular time for the operation, it can be done any time.
However extreme hot or cold weather can be difficult for you, since you might need to wear a hat or a wool beret during the first days of the post-operation period,which is not recommended.Therefore, we suggest spring or autumn as the most suitable times

There are some points you have to pay attention though,especially during the first two months period,you have to follow the instructions that your surgeon explained on daily hair wash and hair cut.

Pre-operation meetings are vital for the success of the hair transplant results.Please have your hair analysed by a professional hair expert before you go ahead with the operation.

After a hair tranplantation operation done in a spesically designed hair clinic with a professional team of hair experts you can have fantastic results.

You can get a free consultation with our expert

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